This is the last weekend of summer break for Sarah and the kids. It's been about perfect weather for the fair. We were lucky enough to catch some rain on Monday. Things are really dry and the crops are starting to show it. It's amazing that we went from one of the wettest springs ever to now so dry. At least it hasn't been extremely hot or the crop would really be suffering. We did our annual sweet corn canning event last week. It sure is nice to eat that all winter!

We have been busy mowing CRP waterways, working on the grain setup and sneaking in some time away from the farm before school starts! 

Peyton had a rough week. He was playing with his cousins and fell off something that caused him to get stitches on his leg. He also was dealing with another issue that he was supposed to have surgery on. Right before he was ready for surgery the doctor determined that the issue had cleared up! So it was an interesting week for him. 

Have a good weekend! 

- Dustin 

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