Carroll County Fair Week! 

It seems like there are a lot of years when we get rain or storms on Fair Week. At home we had almost 3" the last three days. It will help the beans a lot and the corn a little bit. The early corn is 50-75% dented already. We are still around two weeks ahead of last year in growing degree days. I was told DEKALB was going to start seed corn harvest around the 20th of August! It looks like the temperatures are going to stay warm as we move forward so an early harvest is likely. I have flown my drone alot the last few weeks. There does seem to be more and more yellow spots showing up in the corn. 

We had a good time playing some really good competition this weekend in Chicago. It's amazing how skilled and athletic these young kids are. Peyton's team played 8 games in 48 hours. The kids (and coaches/parents) were pretty worn out!

Have good week!

- Dustin 

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