I never imagined the coronavirus would turn into this serious of a pandemic. There are so many different things that have been impacted by it. So far in our part of the world there are none or very few cases. Hopefully that remains that way. There are so many questions about when school, sports, and everything else will open back up. The effects of the virus on the economy may be long lasting. The price of oil being in the low $20's has dropped ethanol margins to the lowest on record. Some people have said we may use 300 million less bushels of corn for ethanol this year. Let's hope it things get better as we move forward! 

We finished up our tile projects before last weeks rain. It's great to see the water running out of them already. The forecast is for more rain the next few days followed by some warmer temperatures. It would be nice to be able to get out in the fields and do some waterway projects and guys could start nitrogen applications. 

Enjoy your quarantine! 

- Dustin 


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