I believe the kids are now at 11 full snow days and several early outs. They will be telling their kids about this one day. The ice sure did cause a lot of damage to the power lines. It was amazing to see the power lines jump all around in the wind those few days.  It's no fun being without electricity. ADM has been having trouble getting enough corn with all the weather problems. They have been bidding really good and open 16 hours  a day. We have been trying to get corn in there whenever the roads were decent. They finally had a good day Thursday and took in around 600,000 bushels all on trucks. That seems like a lot but when they use 300,000 plus a day it doesn't build much cushion. 

It is a fun time of the year as the school basketball seasons finish up. The Eastland girls team is in Super-Sectionals on Monday night! They sure are a fun team to watch. Peyton's school and travel teams are down to their last tournaments also. 

Have a great week!

- Dustin 


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