After a few weeks of cooler weather our area finally is getting some much needed heat to get the crops up and moving. Corn that was planted early didn't do much for the first month. We have had some heavier rains the past week. It's like the switch was flipped and the summer heat and humidity arrived. It's been a frustrating finish to planting on our farm as we (and a lot of other seed growers for Monsanto/Bayer) wait for parent soybean seed from South America. Late Friday afternoon we got enough in for 300 acres and got that planted before the rain. Hopefully the rest comes the beginning of the week when it dries out. 

It's amazing that we have been dealing with the stay at home order for over two months now. Hopefully things get back closer to normal in June. It's been different for families that kids are involved in sports! There has been a lot of times over this break where we have done things as a family that we never seem to have time to do when all the practices and games are going on. 

Have a good Memorial Day!

- Dustin 


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