It's hard to believe Christmas will be here in two weeks! The forecast looks like things are changing and we are going to have above normal temperatures for the next two weeks. I saw a few fields over the weekend that were recently chiseled. There are still a few corn fields here and there that are left to be picked and a decent amount of fields to be chiseled. There weren't very many fields that got fall anhydrous applied either. It will be a busy spring to get nitrogen applied. 

We have started to haul corn this week. It's always nice to move grain when it's warmer and the roads aren't covered in snow and salt! We already got our first load of seed in for customers today. On to 2019!

We took the boys to see the Golden State Warriors in Milwaukee last weekend. Their new stadium is pretty nice and it was neat to see Curry, Thomson and Durant play in person. 

Have a good weekend!

- Dustin 


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