Well it was another wet week in NW IL. I think it rained five days in a row. For the week we were close to 4" of rain. On Thursday night there was some wind that caused damage to fields to the south of us. One of our fields caught some too. The ground is so soft and it doesn't take much to push the corn plants over. The crop still looks good but there will be more yellow spots starting to show up. We have been busy hauling corn to Sterling Rail. We were able to finish side-dressing nitrogen on Monday before we started to get more rain. There were a few spots that were still too wet to get through so we had the airplane spread urea on those spots. We tried to go through one of the wet spots and luckily didn't get stuck!

The summer is flying by. From here on out the days get shorter! Both boys have basketball this weekend. It's the first time all summer we will be in the same location for baseball or basketball! They got to meet a current NBA player for the Toronto Raptors who went to high school in Rockford this week, Fred Van Fleet. 

Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine!

- Dustin 



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