Harvest is officially done on our farm! Harvest is a great time of the year but you can't beat the feeling of being done each year. Between combining, tillage, the grain set up, manure hauling, and everything else it seems like there is always something not working correctly! We have a decent amount of tillage and manure to haul but next week's weather looks pretty good. 13 degrees and some wind sure felt cold yesterday morning. There is getting to be less and less corn left in our area. There are a good amount of farmers who are done or will be done next week. The corn crop in our area was very good again but will be needed as corn prices remain near 5 to 10 year lows. 

It also takes a lot of help to make the harvest go smooth on farms. I want to send a shout out to everyone that helped us this Fall. It sure will be nice to be home more at night with Sarah and the kids.  

Have a great weekend!

- Dustin 

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